Wind Energy

IMA is committed to understanding the renewable energy industry and its unique insurance needs, and we work with a large audience of energy clients with billions in property covered.

This knowledge enables IMA to work with insurance providers to deliver services that can translate directly to reduced operational exposure and, ultimately, enhanced profitability. IMA doesn’t just place coverage, we offer services for insurance programs, as well as risk control and safety programs tailored to the alternative energy industry.

Who can benefit from working with IMA ?

  • Wind Developers
  • Owners
  • Installation Contractors
  • Transport
  • Wind Component Manufacturers
  • Operation & Maintenance Companies
  • Wind Equipment Distributors
  • Wind Equipment Dealers
  • Small Wind    
  • Community Wind
  • Large Wind

IMA clients describe us a trusted advisor.  

Whether or not you select IMA for your project, keep the following in mind when selecting your insurance program:

  • Insurance is not the most important thing you have to do. However, you can't move forward without it.
  • Insurance costs will account for a small percentage of your budget. Be concerned about the proper coverage instead of the cheapest price.
  • Optimize broker services by selecting a partner to market your account.

Consider the following a broker’s experience in the sector, their scope of services coordination of insurance requirements.



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