IMA’s knowledgeable and skillful associates enable it to work with insurance providers to deliver services that can translate directly to reduced operational exposure and, ultimately, enhanced profitability. IMA doesn’t just place coverage. It meets real needs.

IMA currently works with more than 100 biofuel plants, insuring more than $8 billion in property values. That vast experience enables IMA to offer services including exclusive ethanol captives and biodiesel insurance programs, as well as risk control and safety programs tailored for the biofuels industry.

IMA provides expertise and knowledge on specialty coverages crucial to the biofuels industry, including but not limited to:

  • Builders' Risk
  • Delay in start-up
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Testing/commissioning
  • Property
  • Business income
  • Cargo coverage - U.S. and Worldwide
  • Contractor’s equipment

IMA clients describe us a trusted advisor.

Whether or not you select IMA for your project, keep the following in mind when selecting your insurance program:

  • The most important work will come during the pre-construction phase.
  • Insurance is not the most important thing you have to do. However, you can’t move forward without it.
  • Insurance costs will account for approximately one-half of one percent of your budget. Be concerned about the proper coverage instead of the cheapest price.
  • Not all insurance is equal. There are differences in terms and conditions. It is important to have the correct coverages in place to deal with your risks.
  • Optimize broker services by selecting a partner to market your account with an experience in biofuels and an understanding of the scope of services.
  • Coordination of insurance requirements among participants



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