Private Exchanges & Marketplaces

Understanding the Private Exchange Option

The health exchange realm is a new area for many employers. The range of exchange or marketplace choices is wide and varied.

IMA is here to help you determine if the exchange option is right for your organization and your employees. We even offer our own option, the MyBridge Private Exchange, that can support your potential needs.

Key benefits of exchanges & marketplaces:

  • Administration -- Benefit plans are simplified with online store technology, making it easier for Human Resources staff to track benefits and for employees to administer their own benefits.
  • Choice -- Exchanges and marketplaces promote consumerism, and offer employees the option to pick the best benefits for themselves and their families.
  • Communication -- These new systems have built-in training and education.
  • Transparency -- All the information about your benefit selections is in one place and readily accessible.
  • Compliance -- Exchanges and marketplaces can make it easier by providing an access point for housing employee benefit compliance communications for plans following DOL e-delivery regulations.

Which exchange is right for my organization?

There are many exchange and marketplace solutions available.

  • Federal Marketplace
  • State Marketplaces
  • Carrier Exchanges
  • Ancillary Carrier Exchanges
  • MyBridge -- IMA’s Private Employer Exchange
  • Individual Health Exchange


See if the Private Exchange option is right for your organization. Contact a benefits specialist.