Trade Credit Insurance

Protect the largest asset on your balance sheet

Trade credit insurance protects your business from non-payment of commercial debt and makes sure your invoices will be paid. If a customer fails to pay, IMA, Inc. lets you focus on running a profitable business while it takes care of the collection of your insured invoices.


Why business owners need trade credit insurance

One defaulted payment or credit loss from a medium-sized customer could be the difference between a profitable year and one in the red. Since you sell your products or services on open account credit, your firm is at risk. IMA encourages you to ask the following questions:

  • How are things financially?
  • Are you getting paid on time?
  • Are any of your customers slow to pay?
  • Are exports a good chance for growth?
  • What countries are you considering doing business with?

With this information in mind, IMA can help increase your short-term borrowing capacity locally and abroad, protect against the bankruptcy and political uncertainty of medium and large customers, and help identify your best customers.

Protect the biggest asset on your balance sheet, accounts receivable, with trade credit insurance. It can help your organization with increased sales, improved cash flow and opens the door for more competitive selling terms.

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