Understand Your Total Cost of Risk

Too often companies only view the cost of their risk by the premiums they pay. But what if you could become more profitable, competitive and actually lower your costs by casting a wider net of what is considered “risk”?

IMA’s enterprise risk management team helps a company create better shareholder value by reviewing their Total Cost of Risk. The process involves helping clients address a broader scope of the risks that sap precious resources from achieving boardroom goals and strategies.

IMA’s Total Cost of Risk Categories

IMA scope of risk management goes far beyond traditional methods associated with the industry. A total review of all company risk factors can be summarized into four key buckets:

  • Risk Transfer
  • Retained Losses
  • Administrative
  • Miscellaneous


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Attend our IMA University for an in-depth look at Total Cost of Risk

Register for our IMA University on March 16 for deep dive on how a Total Cost of Risk approach can affect your company's bottom line. Guests will be walked through a TCOR exercise that evaluates how different insurance decisions can determine your competitive advantage.

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