Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) coverage primarily provides reimbursement for ransoms paid to kidnappers; however, it also features access to expert crisis management services before, during and after the kidnapping of an employee. 

Companies who routinely conduct business overseas can be exposing their employees to malicious activities such as abduction, extortion, wrongful detention or hijackings. Keeping employees out of harm’s way is difficult in an increasingly globalized economy, but K&R coverage can help alleviate the concerns and mitigate the risks that accompany international business travel.  

Today, K&R coverage remains very affordable and protects against losses beyond those resulting from a ransom payment. Perhaps the most critical component of any K&R policy is the retained crisis response firm. An emergency situation demands the assistance of experienced professionals to minimize the disruption and hardship surrounding a kidnapping and ransom event. 


Scenarios where K&R coverage can offer protection:

  • A loss incurred due to a kidnapping or extortion event involving an employee on an international business trip or a family member on vacation
  • A loss incurred when a ransom payment fails to meet its intended destination due to damage, disappearance or theft during delivery
  • A loss incurred when a hostage is forced to withdraw money from multiple ATMs to appease kidnappers in search of quick, targeted cash grabs


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