International Travel Insurance

Global Travel & Medical Insurance

IMA’s comprehensive travel insurance solutions and personalized travel concierge services provide you the peace of mind while you travel anywhere in the world.

Why do you need medical & travel insurance?

Domestic and international travel in today’s global economy is an expensive investment of your time and resources – whether it’s for your business, educational pursuits, mission opportunities or dream vacations. Medical and travel insurance is specifically designed to protect you from the costly risks associated with traveling.

Why travel insurance bridges the common gaps in your U.S. major medical insurance coverage:

  • Most domestic coverages do not fully cover your costs while traveling overseas abroad.
  • Many plans do not provide emergency medical evacuation services when you become ill or get in an accident while traveling outside of the U.S.
  • Many U.S. plans consider the care you receive overseas as out-of-network, so your reimbursement levels may be lower.
  • Medical providers in foreign countries often require payment upfront, which means paying out-of-pocket for doctor and hospital visits if you do not have international medical and travel coverage to arrange for and make those upfront payments.
  • U.S. State Department advises international travelers to ensure they have coverage for gaps in their U.S. based medical insurance while traveling.
  • Some of the most common travel-related risks include trip delay and cancellation, lost luggage, and travel documents.

Travel Worry Free

At IMA, we pride ourselves on serving business of all sizes, educational institutions, faith-based organizations and individuals with solid protection for any travel-insurance need. IMA’s comprehensive approach to travel risk management enables your international travel while minimizing the risk of unexpected financial burden.

IMA Global Risk has the following personalized solutions available:

Educational Institutions, Students, Faculty & Family Members

Business: Employers, Expatriates