Executive Risk Solutions

IMA's Executive Risk Solutions (ERS) is a dedicated team focused on protecting your key executives, directors and employees.

Our centralized team brings together our collective brain power, carrier relationships and a dedication to excellence to ensure you have the best resource to solve the problems facing your organization now and in the future.

Are the assets of your key executives and directors protected? Our Executive Risk Solutions team can help you with consulting, marketing and placement of tailored executive risk insurance, including the following:


The coverage advantage

To ensure you have the broadest coverage for your risk, we have negotiated industry-leading enhancements from the top D&O and executive risk insurance carriers.

Knowledge is power

Make an informed decision to select the right coverage, structure and limit with support from our specialists. We provide litigation and claim trends and perform loss modeling and peer benchmarking to help you find the solution that best suits your organization.

Claims advocacy

Know that you are not alone when it comes to navigating the complicated web of claims. Our dedicated claims staff can guide you with reporting of claims, claim communications and settlement facilitation.


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How Executive Risk Solutions helps you and your organization



Team Depth

The Executive Risk Solutions (ERS) team represents nearly 200 years of experience. With this breadth of industry knowledge, you get expert understanding of executive risk and preferred coverage treatments. ERS specializes in marketing and placing D&O, E&O, EPL, Fiduciary, Crime, Kidnap & Ransom and Cyber coverage.

Our collective proficiency extends well throughout the Technology, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Hospitality, Financial, Healthcare and Nonprofit industries. Regardless of size, class of business or complexity of operations, our team possesses the capacity to serve your organization’s unique needs.


Business Insurance Creativity

Our sole aim is to help you navigate the whitewater of today’s business environment. At IMA, you have access to seasoned brokers who embrace collaboration and creative problem solving steeped in analysis and strong communication.


Market Prowess

IMA’s close professional ties with numerous reputable carriers give you leverage within the marketplace to drive competitive coverage no matter how challenging the risk. These carrier partnerships have been forged though years of collaborative efforts. The result is a reliable stable of carriers that value coverage and client support in a manner that aligns with IMA’s mission to protect assets and make a difference.


Thought Process

Your organization is matched with insurance carriers that have the best blend of these important factors:

  • Cutting-edge, market-leading terms and conditions
  • Strong financial ratings so you're never worried about a carrier's ability to pay on a claim
  • A willingness to pay and favorable claims-paying reputations, as well as a spirit of partnership and open communication
  • Executive Liability experience with dedicated underwriting resources, large risk spread and a reputation of consistency
  • Historical relationships with IMA so that in good times we can continue to drive favorable renewal results, but in challenging times we can leverage mutually agreeable outcomes when a carrier might otherwise walk away

Tailored Programs

We don’t sell insurance, and we don’t work for insurance companies. Our duty is to you, our client. We know one size doesn’t fit all, and we don’t push needless limits. We ask questions, do our homework and thoughtfully analyze your concerns. We believe in proposing insurance programs that fit your unique risk profile. Risk should be transferred selectively and with a tailored approach. Our goal is to protect your assets through educated purchases and careful consideration.


Claims Advocacy

A policy is only as good as its ability to appropriately respond to claims. Our tenacious advocacy improves your chances of getting the claim covered fairly. Our Executive Risk Solutions team works hand in hand with your dedicated IMA Claims Advocate. This collaboration, along with assertiveness, intricate policy dissection and our ability to coerce friendly treatment by insurance carriers, has led to favorable claims outcomes and excellent client retention rates.