Enterprise Risk Management

As a risk manager, you’re responsible for your organization’s potential risks and exposures. It’s a tough challenge to have on your shoulders, and IMA is here to help lighten the load.

How our process helps you increase the strength of your organization by strategically mitigating risk

Our role is both consultative and participative. By understanding your corporate direction, risk areas and functional responsibilities, we are able to align insurance transactions with risk management objectives, and risk management objectives with corporate objectives.

With full understanding of your company’s risk perception, risk appetite and risk tolerance, we can  develop metrics that you can use to track effectiveness.

Ultimately, IMA evaluates challenges and opportunities to deliver a complete enterprise-wide risk assessment, including:

  • Researching impact, likelihood and manifestation of risk event(s)
  • Identifying and assessing risk correlations and interdependencies
  • Leveraging the financing of pure risks to achieve balance and efficient capital allocation to manage or exploit speculative risks across the enterprise
  • Creating a risk register and risk heat map
  • Identifying risk management strategies for top-tier risks
  • Identifying risk owners
  • Determining appropriate reporting criteria
  • Assisting with monitoring and measuring as needed


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