Business Travel Plans

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, IMA Global Risk helps you ensure your employees’ well-being and safety this also protects your company's bottom line.

Businesses make a significant investment when they have employees who travel overseas.

Responsible employers consider the following:

  • Will your employees have the support to find a qualified physician if they become ill while traveling? Who will take complete care of them? Who is managing your costs?
  • How do you respond to a worried and stressed spouse calling you when your key employee has been hospitalized while on business?
  • Who will evacuate your employees to safety if they fall victim to a traffic accident, earthquake, or a terrorist act -- which are serious, daily occurrences around the world?

Reliability and convenience for your company

Online Enrollment and Administration for Employers:  As an administrator, you can now securely store and conveniently manage your business travel insurance policies.

Concierge Service:  We carefully select and negotiate the most appropriate travel coverage for your firm.  Your peace of mind can be achieved through comprehensive solutions for all types of travel concerns and by knowing that reliable coverage and assistance are conveniently available to your employees anytime, anywhere. We help identify hidden risks to so that you are prepared for and can manage any unexpected emergency while traveling.

Value for Your Money:  We continuously seek opportunities to bring you improved and cost-effective travel benefits that offer optimal protection for your employees and business.

Put Your International Business Traveler’s Mind at Ease:

  • Accident & sickness coverage
  • International Travel Card with 1-800 Access to Claims and Concierge Services
  • Emergency evacuation (medical, political unrest, natural disaster)
  • Trip interruption
  • Trip cancellation option
  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Are you ready to continue the conversation in regard to your international business travel needs? IMA's Global Risk Department is eager to discuss your travel risk needs and you organizational goals. Please contact us today.


IMA Global Risk has Business Travel insurance solutions available for traveling employees and executives.


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