Looking Past Colorado's Amendment 69

11/09/2016  - IMA Corp, Inc. News

Impact of Amendment 69 | Colorado Care Election Results


The emergence, rise and fall of Colorado's Amendment 69 highlights the market’s demand for new ways of delivering affordable health care. As business owners and organizational leaders, we also understand the challenges government compliance forces upon our economic engine. We appreciate the conversation that has started about health care and agree with Coloradans that Amendment 69 wasn’t the solution.

Even though Amendment 69 didn’t pass voters' scrutiny, it put a spotlight on the ideas that rapidly change our industry. At IMA, we're driving that change with health care analytics, Total Rewards and more strategies and tools than ever before to provide unsurpassed health and safety benefits for clients. We'll continue to advise on the emergence of new legislative developments that could affect our clients.

Amendment 69’s failure isn’t the end of our industry’s change. Our team's innovation is bending the cost curve, improving workplace safety and helping companies attract top talent. We’re pioneering solutions that bring the latest advancements to improve companies' bottom lines and protect their most important assets.


Robert Cohen, IMA Financial Group, Inc. Chairman and CEO