IMA Cyber Risk Practice highlighted in business journal feature

12/06/2016  - IMA Corp, Inc. News

IMA, Inc. Director of Cyber Risk Tim Burke was recently invited by the Wichita Business Journal to be part of its first technology roundtable. 

“I think everyone in the nation should work under the assumption of a breach, and I think that’s the reality we live in,” he said about hearing of a construction company that was defrauded by a fake wire transfer costing the company approximately $1 million.

He also shared how cyber breaches should be considered an enterprise risk. “It’s got to be a 360-perspective right down to the person who greets you at the front door. Everyone needs to practice security and understanding.”

Burke went on to say social engineering is a common threat to companies that can be mitigated through management and by making employees aware of threats through training.

Business Journal subscribers can read the entire story here. You can learn more about IMA’s cyber risk practice by visiting