How IMA is helping clients respond to rising health care costs

09/29/2015  - IMA Corp, Inc. News

IMA, Inc. Benefits President John Kirke was recently quoted in Risk & Insurance about the rising costs of health care. John shared that IMA's best performing clients are being strategic about their individual health care components. 

“They are lifting the veil on the components of what I call ‘big box buying’ and have much more precision purchasing,” Kirke said. "Others are setting their own prices by being a price maker instead of a price taker. They are reaping incredible value and lower prices by setting the price inside their plan and plan documents, and reimbursing at a level far lower than what we’ve seen in the market." 

"We want them to act with strategic plan and not to be so reactive. We want them to think big. Three years out, five years out," Kirke added on how IMA works with clients to lower costs.

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