You need someone by your side when it comes to claims.

CORnerstone Risk Solutions provides full service Third- Party Claims Administration to partner with your team.

We offer the following:

  • Workers’ Compensation claim administration for self-funded clients, individual accounts and groups
  • State of the art claim system
  • Claim management and audit services
  • Personal relationships with medical case management, cost containment, bill review and medical utilization firms
  • Robust claims investigation

At CORnerstone, we manage the entire cycle of a claim, from the time the employee is injured until the employee returns to work. By managing the cycle, we bring workers’ compensation issues under effective control, accelerate return-to-work and reduce loss costs.

Successful claim handling takes a cooperative arrangement between all parties involved, including the employer, employee, medical provider and CORnerstone. Everyone wins when each player knows what to do and coordination is properly executed.

When an employee is injured on the job, the goal is to maximize positive results by managing medical care delivery and accelerating return-to-work. CORnerstone is a leader in the management of workers’ compensation claims. Our services include professional case management, utilization review, bill review and adjustment through our medical case management staff.

CORnerstone adjusters are experienced, professional and efficient, providing a cost effective approach to manage claims. CORnerstone’s Claim Management philosophy incorporates 24-hour emergency claim services, prompt and efficient reporting, early intervention, aggressive investigation and timely resolution.

TPA expertise for your needs

CORnerstone Risk Solutions’ third-party administrator has cultivated expertise and relationships through its work with several major pools as well as individual self-insured entities.

Through our service-focused standards with these clients, our team has crafted the necessary skills, and developed the expertise and resources, to address all facets of risk management and claim adjustment:

  • Claim management and administration
  • Risk management consulting
  • Loss control and safety services
  • Data analytics

In Kansas, we provide TPA services to hundreds of entities:

  • Healthcare/social services
  • Auto dealers
  • Associations
  • Municipalities

Our Claims Administration Unit educates and encourages our clients to understand and implement the best-practice ways to reduce their overall risk and cost of insurance through claims management and safety initiatives by providing management and supervisor training.

Training highlights:

  • What to do when an accident occurs
  • Lag-time reporting and its effect
  • The use of designated physicians
  • Individualized return-to-work philosophy and financial impact of lost-time injuries
  • Extensive communication with employee, physician, other third-party service providers and employers